Martin Martin is a Paris-based designer brand founded by Capucine Martin that offers elegant, feminine and timeless pieces for day and night. Formerly sold only at retailers such as Net-à-Porter, Bergdorf, Maxfield or Montaigne Market, we take a new turn with our e-shop.


We want to reconnect with what motivates us every day: getting to know you, meeting you, exchanging ideas, getting inspired and above all, dreaming together of a lighter, festive, joyful world, a world that celebrates women and their femininity, a world that keeps alive a certain idea of Parisian elegance. More than a creative choice, it is also a sustainable model in which we believe: making chic and sophisticated pieces made in Paris accessible.
Yes, yes, yes, the best is also possible!

Capucine Martin

Is a young designer born in Paris and the second to last of five children. A detail that has its importance since her place in this family has largely contributed to who she is today, and is reflected in her creations.

Capucine has always loved fashion.

Her instinct for shapes, materials and cuts has always been very strong, very sure and with time, it has evolved with her. Her style, the originality of her costumes and her disguises, which she has always designed herself before having them made, have refined her tastes and her desire.

Influenced by her time in London where she lived for six years, her eye and tastes were sharpened by this experience. Back in Paris, Capucine decided to free herself and follow a training with Nadia Legendre who made her aware of the different details of a garment, the variations of materials, cuts, details. So many elements that until then were instinctive for Capucine.

That's how she decided to launch herself, to put into practice all that she has seen and all that she loves with her own look on fashion, on women. Her bet? To allow women to feel sublimated and protected thanks to a single garment, a timeless and iconic piece.

Discover the Winter 2022 lookbook